May. 30th, 2017


One more week of BACKBENDS
Then I'm off toNew York
Esmeralda I'll miss you, but.. I'll be back.... 

Photo: Johan Persson @ Disney


May. 27th, 2017

Happy Weekend - Lead with your Heart

4 Times - this Weekend #esmeralda 
I have fallen in Love with this woman, who has incredible courage, enormous strength of character, and always leads with her heart 
What a gift, to be chosen to tell this story! #derglöcknervonnotredame 
A story of Love, in every form. Pure, obsessive, surprising, innocent, overwhelming and honest. It's a story of compassion, understanding, friendship, religion, differences, acceptance, and breaking rules!  #spreadlove #loveislove 

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May. 13th, 2017

Broadway Bares - Equity fights HIV/Aids

In a few weeks, I'll be participating in a wonderful event in NewYork! - BROADWAY BARES! Broadway cares/Equity fights HIV/AIDS:

It's all about fundraising, so PLEASE.. click the link below, read my 'STORY' and 'DONATE'.... All of the information is right there!

Thanks so much, in advance for your generosity, and support.

What we do TOGETHER makes a difference. Build bridges, not walls.


Apr. 23rd, 2017

I sing... in a band...

A few years ago.... this generous man helped me face my fear of singing and of improvising behind a microphone, by inviting me on stage to sing with his insanely funky band. These guys are the real deal! Serious, old school, banging, 70's Funk and Soul! Now, I am one of their special guests, and I adore singing with them as often as I can.  #grateful  #iamasinger #inaband 
Be bold, grab life with both hands, no fear! Be also, extremely thankful for those who help you along your path, who help you smash goals and realize your dreams 
Thank you Boys! I #love you all!

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Apr. 10th, 2017


This happened... No Words 
Absolute #legends 
Sometimes, just sometimes... #dreams really do come true 
#whenyouwishuponastar #disney 
Alan Menken
Stephen Schwartz

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