Feb. 3rd, 2018

It arrived..

It arrived 
My #greencard 
Feeling so deeply grateful for all of the very special people who took time out of their wildly busy and exciting lives to kindly and graciously write me a personal letter of support. 
From the very bottom of my extremely happy heart... 
Thank you 

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Feb. 1st, 2018

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 5...

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 5... 
Stepping into the crazy that is New York City, especially in the middle of what they call “audition season” is for me, new, exciting and exhilarating... but also daunting, exhausting and overwhelming. Even after being “in the business” for over 20 years, I suddenly find myself presenting my skill set to a panel of people who I don’t know, and who have absolutely no idea who I am. After years of security and familiar faces, this new journey I have decided to embark on, to basically jump in the deep end and hope for the best... has been, well... a little challenging, and sometimes quite unnerving. 
Then.... something quite unbelievable happens! You walk into an audition room, with your 32 Bar Song cut, and sing your little heart out. ( this particular time, my choice of song: “maybe this time” from Cabaret ) The Director looks at you, at your resume, back at you... a number of times.  Only to look up and ask, as I finish my last note... “Did you maybe play Sally Bowles a production of Cabaret, in a tent in the middle of Germany? I watched the show, and I swear you look exactly like the girl I saw there”  Sorry... WHAT?!?!  Why Yes Sir... Yes... I did play Sally Bowles in a production of Cabaret in a tent in the middle of Germany!!! 
How hilarious is that?!?!?!!! 
We continued to chat, and realized the he, some of the panel and I knew a bunch of the same people from Germany, and had a little giggle about how strange and funny the situation was. They welcomed me to New York, and wished me well on my new journey.
All of a sudden, things didn’t feel so overwhelming, big or daunting after all. Suddenly everything felt quite small, familiar and exactly like home! 
We gypsies, artists, theatre babies, are one massive family, with our wings spread throughout the world. Our address may be different, it may change from time to time, but our hearts all beat for the same reason. Our hearts all share the same, big and deep, true love. Our Love of Art, of Theatre of Music... and of Song and Dance.
Suddenly the decision to uproot my life and follow a dream, doesn’t seem so scary after all 

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Jan. 27th, 2018

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 4...

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 4... 
If you are a musical theatre freak like me, you will know at least 2 of the people with me in this picture already 
Yesterday, I was invited by my new friend Paige Davis ( standing to my right and a Broadway Star, well Legend really, not to mention major television star too ) to hear her speak about Chicago on Broadway. She is one of the Roxie's at the moment , and I honestly was so happy, because I thought I was going to her speak about one of my favorite Broadway shows! 
Much to my surprise, she was hosting a panel where Broadway Royalty and original cast members "Bebe Neuwirth - Velma Kelly" and "Joel grey - Amos hart" ... also (not in the picture), original costume designer "William Ivey Long" were there to speak! 
I was sitting in the green room backstage with Paige when they walked in. I was like a little kid who lost her ability to speak. I mean, Bebe Neuwirth is one of the reasons I do what I do, a true dancer at heart, tripple threat, Broadway Goddess. And Joel Grey will always be for me the Master of all Ceremonies, My absolut, all time favorite, nothing can ever beat it, Cabaret with Liza! Oh be still, my beating heart.
Completely overwhelmed by this surprise, I watched some of my heroes speak about Chicago from backstage, and managed to take this picture with them, after thanking them for their incredible work and their indescribable inspiration. 
Thank you for the lovely surprise @realpaigedavis 
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Jan. 26th, 2018

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 3...

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 3...

"And.... That's a Wrap" 
Yesterday, my friend Alex and I assisted Miss Baayork Lee, choreographing a little dance "club" scene for a CBS television show #thegoodfight 
After some very random preparation rehearsals earlier this week, where Alex and I were "bumping and grinding" for Baayork, in her stunning 66th street studio... we had a fabulous ( and extremely looooong ) day "on set" with the actors, showing them some sexy dance moves 

 In the end, they loved us, and Alex and I were thrown into the "Background" to bump and grind to our hearts content for the CBS cameras! #icanbeanextra #whynot 
There is so much talent in this city, and everyone is hustling to get their chance to shine! Every single extra yesterday, I got the feeling, was a hopeful actor or actress, hoping to be discovered, and more than happy to put in the work! 
I even ran to an audition yesterday between morning rehearsals and afternoon shooting, because the producer allowed me to, saying... " girl, I'm all for you going to grab another job... go for it, go get it" 

#thisisnewyork #newyork 
As hard as I know this is going to be... I still have hope there is a place and a chance for everyone here. For everyone who is hungry enough to know their dream and chase after it with all of their heart 
Today: another 6.00am start, 2 auditions, 2 meetings, and then I'm off to "Broadway Con" to hear some Broadway legends talk about my favorite musical Chicago 

 #ilovenewyork  #kickballchange 
The Good Fight: Our episode, I believe, April 15th... maybe you'll see a flick of my hair on the sweaty dance floor 

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Jan. 23rd, 2018

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 2...

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 2... 
It's 7:14am at the Actor's Equity building on 46th Street. I have decided to arrive early today after missing out on 3 auditions yesterday because I was too late to sign up. The 'rules' here about how to sign up, exactly when you have to do it and how to beat the masses of hopeful candidates, to secure a place in the room... Is a whole new etiquette I still need to grasp! 
Like I said, it's 7:14am and I left my house at 6:30am to get here early enough... to my surprise, there are already at least 60 people in the waiting room... I put my name on the list with the Equity monitor behind the desk... number 47! Not to bad, I guess. There are 42 "equity" slots available for my chosen audition today, maybe more, if people don't show up... I cross my fingers and toes, and hope I make it in today.
Next, I'll run to an ECC ( equity chorus call ) that starts at 10:00am, thanks to some friendly advice yesterday... I now know, to be there very latest 9:30am to sign up for that one. 
After I have hopefully made it into and through those auditions, I have an appointment audition downtown... The best kind, as you just turn up and walk right on in 
This is: "New York City - Audition Season" 
As I write this post, the room continues to fill... There are easily over 100 people here now, it's not even 8:00am and the auditions don't officially start for another hour and a half. 
I guess the saying is justified: If you can make it here ( forget talent... I'm thinking more on pure determination, sleep deprivation and perseverance alone ) you can make it anywhere 

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