What is your first memory related to singing and dancing?

There are two actually: the first one is of my first ballet class. Me, 3 years old... I must have been nervous, and we had to go one by one around the room skipping and making a big circle... I did my circle and peed my pants the whole way! Wooden floorboard, no hiding that one! Lucky I don't get that nervous anymore ;)

The second one was at my very first circus! I've always loved and been fascinated by the circus. We were in Kiama, at our holiday house. Me, 4 or 5 years old... How exciting, a real circus! We were sat near the back, and I really REALLY wanted to be at the front, didn't want to miss all the up close action! I ran down to the front and sat in the only free seat I could find! It was FULL of water! I was soaked! All eyes now on me, the crying child in the first row!

It's a strange thing to remember, I know. Maybe it was the feeling of being wet, maybe the feeling of having all eyes on me...

I guess some things never change. ;)

Where do you live now?

Berlin Nollendorfplatz! It's like a dream come true! I love the movie Cabaret, it's inspired me since I was a child. Liza is my hero! I also feel like my life IS a Cabaret, I feel very roaring 20's Berlin, I love the freedom, and I feel very connected to the character Sally Bowles. She was, or is depicted to be very like myself. I feel a connection to Berlin I can't describe in words. It has become "Home" for me.

What brought you here?

Well, they were doing auditions in London for a German production "Miami Nights" – a ballroom show! I was about to finish my contract on Dirty Dancing London and go back to Australia. My adventurous spirit said ’why not try out for Germany, it's six months touring! See the country and then go home!’. Well, I got the Job... Dance Captain, Swing, Cover... played my first role in German (had no idea what I was talking about) and when we got to Berlin, I absolutely fell in love with the city! Berlin, what a place! That was almost eight years ago now... Never looked back! Thanks Alex, Nathalie, Harribert and Miami Nights ;)

Do you have a special role and a special show you always wanted to perform?

Yes, the musical Fosse! It's always been a dream of mine! I saw it a thousand times when I was living in Japan, it was the German cast actually, what a small world! I was always too young to audition for the show, and I doubt it will ever come back! I would settle for Roxie in Chicago though … hint hint. ;)

What was most your favourite moment on stage so far?

I think for me it was my first Sally Bowles. I got to help create the show with my all time favourite choreographer and dear friend Christopher Tölle (www.christophertoelle.com). This was a magical production for me, with a wonderful and giving team of people. It was really special from my audition to the very last show. I will always hold that production dear to my heart, it taught me so much and brought me so much joy!

If you weren’t a singer, dancer and actress, in which other profession could you see yourself?

Well, I've started my own interior decorating company, I just love design, homewares and making homes beautiful. I also love real estate! :)

www.aufgehuebschtberlin.de ;) Check it out!

I guess if I am really honest, I'd love to be a carpenter and work with wood! I love the feeling, the smell! I feel like it lives and breaths with you!  My grandfather was a carpenter and I have fond memories of watching him work, and him teaching me what he knew when I was a kid. I would sit after school for hours and hours with him. I think it was my love for him, but also my budding love and interest working with wood!

What is your advice to a young girl or boy who wants to pursue a career on stage?

It's tough, it knocks you down, it really rips you apart... but never ever give up and don't stop striving for the best you can possibly be! The feeling of being on that stage and having an audience of people in your hands, to move their hearts, to make them smile, cry, feel things... is the most beautiful thing in the world. I would not change what I do for anything, and I've worked very hard to get to where I am today, but I'm not done yet! It's ever changing and ever challenging and the most wonderful thing in the world! If you love it, with all your heart and soul, nothing's going to stop you or get you down! Reach for the stars!

What is your favourite place when you are not on stage?

At the beach. Pure and simple. Full Stop.