Feb. 22nd, 2018

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 7

Diary of a Broadway Dream: 
Chapter 7... 
Yesterday I was at a final call back for a show called Jerome Robbins' Broadway, which is being performed this summer with direction and choreography by one of Jerome Robbins original assistants on the piece. This means original, Legend's choreography, handed down, directly from those closest to the man…. CRAZY! 
I had to slap myself the past few days, I mean, this is the choreography I grew up watching, the stuff that inspired me to keep on dancing, that still inspires me to keep on chasing my crazy dream. I learned original west side story choreography, which is a dream come true in itself, then a few dancers were asked to stay and audition the tony/maria partner section from the west side story dream ballet. This older dancer was not one of them, but I stayed outside a moment and stuck my face to the tiny window to watch the magic that was being created in the room. I was not able to move myself away from my spot in the window, mesmerized by these beautiful young dancers, learning this stunning piece of choreography. I had tears in my eyes watching them discover their new partner, watching them navigate the difficult lifts, and watching the boys try and figure out how to make their girl float through the air like a breeze, whilst holding her on one arm above their heads. I think dancers are such special creatures, so much respect for one another, so much love and understanding…. I mean, these young people have just met one another, are partnered together, and in a matter of 30 or so minutes are dancing a love duet, with fire in their belly, love in the way they touch one another, and compassion and joy sparkling in their eyes. The respect and immediate, physical and emotional intimacy dancers can create, is something to be celebrated. 
Maybe it is the utter brilliance of Mr Robbins work that is West Side Story, the timeless, breathtaking choreography that melts your heart... but for me yesterday, peering through that tiny window, it was like witnessing two young people meet, dance, and fall in love at first sight. Indescribable, and nothing less than magical.
New York City... you can still smell the Legends 

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Feb. 16th, 2018


I though I would never get to see her again, never get to hear and sing this wonderful, wonderful score! But as the stars would have it... Here I am, and there is Marylou... Back in my favorite chair in the “Damen Solo Maske”  at the fabulous @komischeoperberlin 
Feeling extremely grateful to once more, play this extraordinary house with such wildly talented artists! 
Now... I hope I remember my steps #kickballchange and... #splits 
“Märchen im Grand Hotel” 
#paulabraham #operetta #berlin #spontaneous 

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Feb. 9th, 2018

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 6

Diary of a Broadway Dream: 
Chapter 6... 
Cassie’s back 
I am thrilled to announce that I will be jumping into the role of Cassie, at the “Weschester Broadway Theatre” production of A Chorus Line 
Beginning 23rd of February 
It’s a small theatre, just 30 minutes out of the city, and I am feeling extremely grateful to have a job so soon after arriving here, especially as it’s the role that made my #broadwaydream a possibility in the first place 
I just hope I can still do it, she’s not easy... 

#broadwaydreams  #stillworkingonit 

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Feb. 3rd, 2018

It arrived..

It arrived 
My #greencard 
Feeling so deeply grateful for all of the very special people who took time out of their wildly busy and exciting lives to kindly and graciously write me a personal letter of support. 
From the very bottom of my extremely happy heart... 
Thank you 

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Feb. 1st, 2018

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 5...

Diary of a Broadway Dream: Chapter 5... 
Stepping into the crazy that is New York City, especially in the middle of what they call “audition season” is for me, new, exciting and exhilarating... but also daunting, exhausting and overwhelming. Even after being “in the business” for over 20 years, I suddenly find myself presenting my skill set to a panel of people who I don’t know, and who have absolutely no idea who I am. After years of security and familiar faces, this new journey I have decided to embark on, to basically jump in the deep end and hope for the best... has been, well... a little challenging, and sometimes quite unnerving. 
Then.... something quite unbelievable happens! You walk into an audition room, with your 32 Bar Song cut, and sing your little heart out. ( this particular time, my choice of song: “maybe this time” from Cabaret ) The Director looks at you, at your resume, back at you... a number of times.  Only to look up and ask, as I finish my last note... “Did you maybe play Sally Bowles a production of Cabaret, in a tent in the middle of Germany? I watched the show, and I swear you look exactly like the girl I saw there”  Sorry... WHAT?!?!  Why Yes Sir... Yes... I did play Sally Bowles in a production of Cabaret in a tent in the middle of Germany!!! 
How hilarious is that?!?!?!!! 
We continued to chat, and realized the he, some of the panel and I knew a bunch of the same people from Germany, and had a little giggle about how strange and funny the situation was. They welcomed me to New York, and wished me well on my new journey.
All of a sudden, things didn’t feel so overwhelming, big or daunting after all. Suddenly everything felt quite small, familiar and exactly like home! 
We gypsies, artists, theatre babies, are one massive family, with our wings spread throughout the world. Our address may be different, it may change from time to time, but our hearts all beat for the same reason. Our hearts all share the same, big and deep, true love. Our Love of Art, of Theatre of Music... and of Song and Dance.
Suddenly the decision to uproot my life and follow a dream, doesn’t seem so scary after all 

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