West Side Story – Komische Oper

Komische Oper Berlin

Nov 24th, 2013 - Feb 29th, 2016
Role: Anita
Director: Barrie Kosky, Otto Pichler
Choreography: Otto Pichler
Musical Director: Koen Schoots

Photos: Sonia Bartuccelli

William Shakespeare's love tragedy of Romeo and Juliet – in a contemporary setting. Barrie Kosky's production »gives Bernstein's old West Side Story back its hardness and explosive power« [Berliner Zeitung] and stands out not least thanks to Otto Pichler's »truly contemporary choreography: raw, unpolished, virile, full of testosterone« [Berliner Morgenpost]. A musical which does not believe in the almightiness of love, but which demands tolerance with all might. »Unhappy ending, thunderous applause at the première.« [Der Tagesspiegel]